Solarrio Drops “B the 1” Prelude to His Debut Album

Solarrio Drops “B the 1” Prelude to His Debut Album

Paris born talent Solarrio releases the highly anticipated “B the 1” EP, offering a diverse collection of tracks that showcase his musical versatility and pave the way for his debut album. This EP features the original version of “B the 1,” an intimate acoustic rendition with piano and live strings recorded in Berlin, a dynamic remix by HARRIS, and unique slowed and sped-up editions.

B the 1″ takes listeners on an introspective journey, exploring the universal quest for love and connection. Solarrio’s rich soundscapes accompany lyrics that delve deep into the heart’s desires, inviting listeners to ponder whether they’ve found “the one.” This recurring theme is anticipated to echo throughout Solarrio’s debut album, promising fans a deeply emotive and introspective experience.

The creation of “B the 1” spanned from Berlin to Los Angeles, incorporating the harmonious talents of Lenka Shockley and others. The single has already been making waves across various territories worldwide, celebrated for its emotive depth and synth-pop essence.


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