French Montana Says Taylor Swift Inspired 126-Song ‘Mac & Cheese 5’ Mixtape

French Montana Says Taylor Swift Inspired 126-Song ‘Mac & Cheese 5’ Mixtape

French Montana recently addressed the mixed reactions surrounding his latest mixtape, “Mac & Cheese 5,” which boasts a staggering total of 126 songs across six different versions. In a sit-down interview with TMZ, French clarified his intentions behind releasing multiple versions of the project and revealed that his inspiration stemmed from none other than pop sensation Taylor Swift.

Explaining the diverse array of versions available for each track on the mixtape, French emphasized that his aim wasn’t to artificially inflate streaming numbers, as speculated on social media. Rather, he drew inspiration from Taylor Swift’s strategy of releasing various editions of her studio albums, which notably resulted in significant sales boosts.

“Taylor Swift dropped eight versions of her album,” French pointed out. “I’m just learning the hustle from them. I dropped five versions…My fans always love my beats so I dropped the instrumental. I dropped acapella for all the DJs who like blending, and I dropped the clean version. I dropped the sped-up one because of TikTok, and I dropped the chopped and screwed.”

The rapper expressed admiration for artists like Justin Timberlake who have successfully utilized multiple versions of their tracks. Witnessing their strategic approach, French recognized the potential to cater to diverse audience preferences while also streamlining the fan experience.

Featuring an impressive lineup of guest appearances including Kanye West, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Lil Durk, and more, “Mac & Cheese 5” aims to not only showcase French’s versatility but also pave the way for a resurgence of mixtape culture in the industry. In a separate interview with the Breakfast Club, French expressed his desire to reignite the mixtape vibe, citing the need for artists to return to the roots of the genre.

“I feel like I needed to get everything out the way then go back to the mixtape vibes,” he explained. “The game needs mixtapes…I want to hear Lil Wayne mixtapes, Rick Ross Rich Forever mixtapes. I just want to get back to that vibe, and I want to lead the way with the mixtapes.”

French Montana’s innovative approach, inspired by industry trends and icons like Taylor Swift, demonstrates his commitment to pushing boundaries and revitalizing the hip-hop landscape with fresh ideas and projects.

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