Fabien Gravillon Unveils New Single “Je t’attends”

Fabien Gravillon Unveils New Single “Je t’attends”

French singer, Fabien Gravillon with a penchant for urban music is set to enthrall audiences with his latest single, “Je t’attends.” Born near Paris, Fabien’s journey from a successful acting career to a blossoming music artist is as intriguing as his soulful melodies.

Fabien Gravillon began his artistic journey as an actor, gaining recognition for his role in the popular French soap opera “Plus belle la vie”. Transitioning seamlessly into music, Fabien released his first album under the esteemed Because Music label and appeared on compilations by Wagram Music.

Venturing across the Atlantic to Los Angeles, Fabien Gravillon made waves by featuring in music videos for renowned international artists. Notably, he collaborated with Grammy-nominated American director Colin Tilley for Martin Garrix’s “Summer Days,” featuring Macklemore and Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy. Additionally, he joined forces with Mickey Madden, the bassist of Maroon 5, on the Collapsing Scenery project.

Fabien Gravillon’s musical talents have also led him to participate in various projects recorded at Fox Studios in Hollywood and for “The Jim Henson Company,” showcasing his versatility and creative range.

Listen Here:open.spotify.com/track/1qXxd

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