Amber Rose Opens Up About Emotional Turmoil After Wiz Khalifa Breakup

Amber Rose Opens Up About Emotional Turmoil After Wiz Khalifa Breakup

Amber Rose recently shared a candid revelation about the emotional toll of her separation from rapper Wiz Khalifa during a No Jumper podcast interview.

In the conversation, Rose, who co-parents with Khalifa for their 10-year-old son Sebastian Taylor, described their current relationship as best friends. Despite the amicable co-parenting, Rose disclosed the initial struggles, admitting to three years of continuous crying after their split. The couple, who got married in 2013 and divorced a year later, faced challenges before reaching their present understanding.

“We’re literally best friends,” Rose emphasized, adding that focusing on their kids rather than personal relationships made life easier. However, she acknowledged the difficulty during the initial stages, particularly when emotions were still fresh.

Discussing the deep emotional impact, Rose revealed, “With Wiz, I cried for like three years straight … Wiz was the love of my life.” Despite the emotional turbulence, both Rose and Khalifa consider each other soulmates, contributing to their ability to maintain a close bond for co-parenting.

When questioned about the possibility of rekindling their romantic relationship, Rose explained that Khalifa is currently in a long-term relationship with Amy. She emphasized the importance of letting go of ego and not allowing new partners to interfere with the love a child has for their parents.

Earlier this year, Rose declared her intention to remain single for the rest of her life, expressing a desire to keep her house and life exclusive and avoiding romantic entanglements.


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