Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg & 21 Savage To Be Playable Characters in ‘Call of Duty’

Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg & 21 Savage To Be Playable Characters in ‘Call of Duty’

Call of Duty fans, get ready for an electrifying upgrade! The legendary video game franchise is celebrating the 50th anniversary of hip-hop in style, and they are bringing some of the biggest names in the music industry to the virtual battleground. Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, and 21 Savage are set to become playable characters in the highly anticipated season 5 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Call of Duty: Warzone, launching on August 2.

In a groundbreaking move, Nicki Minaj will make history as the first female Operator in Call of Duty. The announcement, which came through the official Call of Duty blog on Thursday (July 27), has sent fans into a frenzy of excitement. The “Barbie World” rapper will be featured with her iconic pink flair, sporting a pink gun, pink hair, and a metallic pink dress. Meanwhile, Snoop Dogg’s avatar will showcase his signature style, dressed in all blue with a matching blue gun.

This isn’t the first time Nicki Minaj has collaborated with Call of Duty. Back in 2022, she starred in a commercial for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, alongside Lil’ Baby and Kane Brown. The success of the game was unparalleled, making an astonishing $1 billion in just 10 days and securing its position as the fastest-selling video game in the franchise and the best-selling game in the U.S. that year.

In addition to the exciting rap cameos, the upcoming update promises even more thrills. Players will encounter a new operator model named Oz, inspired by musician Zoltan from the renowned band Five Finger Death Punch. Alongside this, a returning Modern Warfare map and a new Core Map for Modern Warfare II, the Vondel Champions Quest, the Call of Duty 2023 worldwide reveal in Warzone, and much more will keep players engaged and immersed in the action.

With the addition of these iconic musical talents, the Call of Duty franchise continues to push the boundaries of gaming entertainment, blurring the lines between virtual reality and the music industry. Gamers and music lovers alike can now step into the shoes of some of the most influential artists of our time, unleashing their skills on the battlefield.

The highly anticipated season 5 of Call of Duty is set to be a game-changer, and fans cannot wait to jump into the action with their favorite rap stars. So mark your calendars and gear up for an epic gaming experience like no other on August 2!

Are you ready to dominate the virtual battleground with Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, and 21 Savage by your side? Get your controllers ready, and let the hip-hop celebration begin!

(Note: All information in this blog post is based on the official Call of Duty blog announcement on July 27, 2023.)

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