Giack Unveils Highly Anticipated Single “Come Te” as Prelude to Upcoming Album Release

Giack Unveils Highly Anticipated Single “Come Te” as Prelude to Upcoming Album Release

Italian singer-songwriter Giack is making waves in the music industry with the release of his latest single, “Come Te.” Following a period of silence, Giack returns with what promises to be his most captivating work yet, offering listeners a glimpse into his highly anticipated album “Bedtime Stories For Computers,” set to be released in July 2024.

Recorded at the esteemed Groundfloor Studios and expertly mixed by Davide Cristiani, “Bedtime Stories For Computers” sees Giack collaborating with two complete bands, as well as incorporating violins, trombones, and flutes from the Orchestra Filarmonica del Teatro Comunale di Bologna. The album will be available digitally and as a double orange gatefold vinyl, introducing fans to a rich and immersive musical experience.

Giack’s journey as a musician has been marked by a series of critically acclaimed releases, each showcasing his evolution as an artist. From his debut album “Childhood Dream” to the conceptual brilliance of “Haikufy” and the expansive creativity of “Impression A.I.,” Giack has continually pushed boundaries and defied expectations.

With “Come Te,” Giack once again demonstrates his ability to craft compelling narratives through music. The single, released on February 14, serves as a prelude to his forthcoming album, offering a taste of what listeners can expect from “Bedtime Stories For Computers.”

Giack’s unique blend of indie-rock, alternative, and avant-garde influences has earned him praise from critics and audiences alike. His innovative approach to songwriting and storytelling sets him apart in the music landscape, making him a formidable force to be reckoned with.

“Come Te” is now available for streaming on all major platforms, giving fans a glimpse into the creative genius of Giack and setting the stage for the highly anticipated release of “Bedtime Stories For Computers.”


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