Scheme Team’s Monday Night and Dunn Collaborate with Producer Bhramabull On New Single “Far Away”

Scheme Team’s Monday Night and Dunn Collaborate with Producer Bhramabull On New Single “Far Away”

The underground hip-hop collective Scheme Team is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, “Far Away,” featuring Scheme Team artist Monday Night from Virginia and Dunn from New Jersey. Produced by the acclaimed underground hip-hop producer Bhramabull based in Los Angeles, this track represents a collaboration of immense talent and creativity within the underground hip-hop space.

“Far Away” transports listeners to a realm of cloud-smooth hip-hop, where Monday Night and Dunn effortlessly blend their styles to create a mesmerizing sonic experience. With intricate beats and dreamlike melodies, the track showcases the lyrical prowess and distinctive voices of both artists, while Bhramabull’s masterful production adds depth and texture to the overall sound.

Monday Night, representing Virginia’s vibrant hip-hop scene, brings his introspective lyricism and poetic storytelling to “Far Away.” His verses resonate with authenticity, inviting listeners to delve into his world and explore the complexities of human emotion. Meanwhile, Dunn, a rising star from New Jersey, delivers his trademark smooth flow and impeccable delivery, infusing the track with energy and charisma.

Behind the boards, Bhramabull’s production expertise shines through as he creates a sonic landscape that perfectly complements Monday Night and Dunn’s performances. Drawing from his years of experience in the underground hip-hop scene, Bhramabull adds layers of depth and dimension to “Far Away,” elevating it to new heights of musical excellence.

“Far Away” is a testament to the collaborative spirit and creative vision of Scheme Team’s talented artists. With its infectious groove and thought-provoking lyricism, the track is poised to entertain audiences and solidify Scheme Team’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the underground hip-hop scene.

“Far Away” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Listen

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