Sukihana Takes Aim at JT Over Alleged Diss on New Song

Sukihana Takes Aim at JT Over Alleged Diss on New Song

Sukihana isn’t letting up on her accusations against JT, suspecting that the City Girls rapper threw shade her way on her latest single, “Okay.”

Diss Drama Unfolds Sukihana took to X (formerly Twitter) to fire back at what she perceives as JT’s subtle dig at her. With pointed tweets, Sukihana suggested that JT’s lyrics in “Okay” hinted at her alleged cocaine use and past dental issues.

In a series of posts, Sukihana didn’t hold back. “She pretty then a muf*ka but she be doing cocainnnn,” she tweeted, followed by another jab at JT’s dental history: “Y’all pray for me nothing wrong it’s just Jt lips use to be so white.”

This isn’t the first time Sukihana has addressed the matter. Earlier in the week, she expressed her concerns about a lyric in “Okay” that references someone breaking a tooth while eating crab legs—a scenario she herself experienced and shared with her followers on Instagram Live in 2022.

Seeking Clarity Feeling targeted, Sukihana sought clarification from JT directly, posting a video on Instagram urging JT to address the perceived diss. In the video, Sukihana highlighted the lyrics and questioned JT’s intentions.

“I was locked up when the song came out,” Sukihana explained in the video, referring to her recent arrest. “I came home, on my phone everybody keep tagging me, they tagging Cardi, too, they saying JT was dissing me or Cardi B. She said in the song, ‘A bih broke her cheap a veneers on some crab legs and she always be talking sh*t.'”

Awaiting Response Despite Sukihana’s vocal calls for clarification, JT has remained silent on the matter, leaving Sukihana and fans alike waiting for a response.

As the drama unfolds, Sukihana isn’t backing down, determined to address what she perceives as a diss from JT. The tension between the two continues to simmer, leaving fans eager to see how the situation will unfold.

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