Hip-Hop Reacts to Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s Back To Back Diss Tracks

Hip-Hop Reacts to Kendrick Lamar and Drake’s Back To Back Diss Tracks

Few days ago the hip-hop world bore witness to an intense lyrical battle between two of the genre’s biggest heavyweights: Kendrick Lamar and Drake.

The clash began on Friday (May 3) when Drake unleashed his scathing diss track, “Family Matters.” Produced by a star-studded lineup including Boi-1da, Tay Keith, Mark Ronson, Fierce, and Kevin Mitchell, the Toronto native wasted no time in taking aim at K-Dot’s rap style, personal life, and role as a father figure.

Drake’s lines cut deep, accusing Kendrick of posturing as an activist and questioning his commitment to his family. The track ignited the feud, setting the stage for Kendrick’s retaliation.

Minutes later, Kendrick Lamar fired back with “Meet the Grahams,” a blistering diss track produced by The Alchemist. The Compton wordsmith didn’t pull any punches, alleging Drake’s dishonesty about fatherhood and exposing his purported struggles with addiction and personal demons.

Kendrick’s lyrics were ruthless, dragging Drake’s parents into the fray and painting a damning picture of the OVO leader’s character.

As news of the diss tracks spread, the hip-hop community erupted with reactions. Some, like Georgia rapper Jarren Benton, relished the verbal sparring and called for a physical showdown between the two artists.

Others, like Mickey Factz, hailed the showdown as one for the history books, cementing May 3 as a legendary day in hip-hop.

But the drama is far from over. West Coast artist Problem, known for his insider connections, hinted at Kendrick having more ammunition in reserve, suggesting that Drake and his camp should brace themselves for further retaliation.

As tensions escalate and anticipation mounts, one thing is clear: the battle between Kendrick Lamar and Drake is far from settled. The hip-hop world is on edge, eagerly awaiting the next chapter in this epic feud. Stay tuned, as the saga continues to unfold.

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