Samantha June Releases Nostalgic Single “High Ground” 

Samantha June Releases Nostalgic Single “High Ground” 

LA-based singer-songwriter Samantha June is thrilled to announce the release of her new single, “High Ground,” a nostalgic track that captures the essence of youthful yearning and the romanticization of first love. This release is a precursor to her highly anticipated debut EP, “Hotel June.

High Ground” is a beautifully crafted ode to girlhood and the bittersweet longing that accompanies first love or infatuation. With its calming instrumentation and soothing vibes, the song offers listeners a moment of reflective enjoyment. The lyricism adds depth, making it perfect for a relaxing day.

Samantha June’s unique style blends alternative pop with jazz and neo-soul influences, creating a sound that is both vibrant and timeless. Her journey as a songwriter began as soon as she could read, with a clear goal of crafting authentic stories through her music. Her debut single, “Crime Spree,” garnered significant attention from studios and producers, setting the stage for her continued success.

In collaboration with producer Samantha Montana, Samantha June has meticulously crafted her debut EP, “Hotel June.” Samantha June is excited to continue her musical journey with the support of the creative community she has fostered in LA and across the country.


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