Redox Unveils New Rap Single “SteinsGate” with Ambitious Sci-Fi Atmosphere Featuring Luca Colombo

Redox Unveils New Rap Single “SteinsGate” with Ambitious Sci-Fi Atmosphere Featuring Luca Colombo

Renowned rapper and producer Redox takes listeners on a cosmic journey with the release of his latest single, “SteinsGate.” Produced, arranged, mixed, and mastered entirely by Redox and Luca Colombo, this ambient and sci-fi-infused rap song offers a unique musical experience that transcends boundaries.

Drawing inspiration from the characters of the popular anime “SteinsGate,” Redox metaphorizes sentimental and emotional situations, inviting listeners to envision a better future for themselves. With thought-provoking lyrics and intricate musical arrangements, “SteinsGate” showcases Redox’s talent for storytelling and musical innovation.

Hailing from Omegna, a small town in Piedmont, Italy, Redox is a rapper and producer known for his deep and introspective lyrics, as well as his penchant for musical experimentation. With a focus on writing lyrics with deep or ironic/satirical meanings, Redox pushes the boundaries of traditional rap music, offering listeners a fresh perspective on the genre.

“SteinsGate” entertains listeners with its steady flow, vocal effects, and ambient atmosphere. The song’s intensity is perfectly balanced, while the dynamic hook keeps listeners engaged from start to finish. The calm beat serves as a solid foundation, enhanced by a creative bridge that adds an intriguing dimension to the overall sound.

“SteinsGate” aims transports listeners to another dimension, where they can explore their emotions and aspirations through the lens of science fiction “With ‘SteinsGate,’ I aim to inspire listeners to imagine a better future for themselves and to embrace the journey ahead.” says Redox.

“SteinsGate” is now available on all major streaming platforms. Experience the cosmic sounds of Redox and Luca Colombo as they take you on a musical odyssey unlike any other.


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