Lizzo Teases Return to the Studio: ‘The Magic Is Back’

Lizzo Teases Return to the Studio: ‘The Magic Is Back’

Lizzo, the dynamic 35-year-old artist, is making a triumphant return to the studio, igniting excitement among fans. In a recent Instagram post on Thursday (Jan. 18), Lizzo offered a sneak peek into her creative process, sharing a muted video of herself recording vocals in a studio setup.

In the video, Lizzo, donned in a simple black Yitty hoodie and headphones, passionately delivers inaudible lyrics into a microphone. While viewers couldn’t hear the exact words, she leaves a tantalizing clue about the musical direction, audibly expressing, “I felt like Gwen Stefani in the ’90s” after completing her take.

Accompanying the video, Lizzo shared a message to her devoted fans: “To my dearest Lizzo fans, the magic is back💖.”


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Since her July 2022 album Special, which soared to No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and produced the chart-topping hit “About Damn Time,” Lizzo has kept a relatively low musical profile. She contributed the track “Pink” to the Barbie soundtrack and released the holiday song “Somebody at Christmas” in 2022.

However, her return to the studio marks a significant development in her musical journey. Notably, this will be her first project since facing a major lawsuit from former backup dancers, alleging sexual harassment and hostile work conditions. Subsequently, a designer from Lizzo’s Special Tour sued her, claiming a “culture of racism and bullying” during the tour. Lizzo has vehemently denied the allegations in both cases.

In November, Lizzo candidly shared with fans that she is working on various aspects of her life, including “music, myself, relationships with people and food, my anxiety, my body, my business,” acknowledging the deep-rooted trust issues she has developed with the world. As anticipation grows for her upcoming project, fans eagerly await the return of Lizzo’s undeniable magic to the music scene.

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