At Mos Presents Their Debut Album “Bridge to Nowhere”: An Exploration of Alt Hip-Hop and Psychedelic Sounds

At Mos Presents Their Debut Album “Bridge to Nowhere”: An Exploration of Alt Hip-Hop and Psychedelic Sounds

Paris-based band At Mos unveils their highly anticipated debut album, “Bridge to Nowhere” Released on February 9th, 2024, this self-produced record invites listeners into a rich and cinematic universe, blending elements of alternative hip-hop, trip-hop, psychedelic rock, and pop. Crafted amidst isolation by the sea, the album’s music and lyrics draw inspiration from introspection, grappling with themes of loneliness, purposelessness, mental health struggles, and the shadows of addiction.

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At Mos offers a musical journey that transcends genres, taking hip-hop to distant alternative landscapes. Their compositions, often contemplative and wild, present an immersive experience characterized by groove and soaring horizons. Comprising a female vocalist alongside three rappers and producers, the band formed in 2021 with the vision of fusing live instrumentation with contemporary music.

Having already unveiled five singles, At Mos is poised to entertain audiences with their inaugural album, “Bridge to Nowhere.” The record showcases their diverse influences, including trip-hop, rock, funk, world, jazz, folk, and electronic, while maintaining a unique sonic identity rooted in introspective rap, powerful vocals, and cinematic, psychedelic grooves.

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With a dynamic live set featuring 10 original songs, At Mos has been making waves in the underground Parisian scene. Their performances at venues like Le Supersonic, Les Disquaires, Le Mazette, and La Rotonde Stalingrad have earned them acclaim, while appearances at festivals like the Pause Guitare festival in Albi as RiffX revelation have solidified their status as a band on the rise.

Stream “Bridge to Nowhere.” Below:

Upcoming Shows

– Feb 14th – Pop Up du Label

– April 14th – La Boule Noire

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