WHITIES Shares Energetic New Single “Red Hot”

WHITIES Shares Energetic New Single “Red Hot”

Songwriter/composer/singer, WHITIES,  has unleashed his latest musical creation, “Red Hot,” marking a vibrant addition to his eclectic discography. Born Xavier Da Conceicao on a fateful Friday the 13th in October 1989 in Colmar, WHITIES has carved out a unique musical niche, blending elements of pop, electro, and funk into a distinctively tart, sweet, and slightly offbeat universe.

Since arriving in Lille in 2011, WHITIES has served audiences across France and Europe with his dynamic performances and infectious energy. His moniker, a playful fusion of the color white (snow) and the nostalgic “ies” of the sixties and seventies, reflects both his musical style and his penchant for unconventional antics, including a fondness for strolling in his underwear whenever the opportunity arises.

“Red Hot” exemplifies WHITIES’ signature blend of electro-pop, offering a refreshing departure from the mainstream. With lyrics that explore the beautiful madness of life and the fluctuating moods of our days, WHITIES invites listeners into a world where love and freedom reign supreme.

WHITIES’ musical journey began at a tender age, nurtured by early exposure to music and performance. From mimicking Jordy as a toddler to enchanting audiences with renditions of Michel Sardou and Freddy Mercury, WHITIES’ musical evolution was destined for greatness. His formative years saw him embrace music theory, drumming, and eventually, singing, as he honed his craft on stage and in the classroom.

“Red Hot” represents the culmination of WHITIES’ lifelong passion for music and performance, offering listeners a tantalizing glimpse into his extraordinary world. With his unmistakable vocals and enigmatic persona, WHITIES continues to defy conventions and entertain audiences of all ages.

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