Rapper Don Capo Poised to Make Waves with New Single “Need Her”

Rapper Don Capo Poised to Make Waves with New Single “Need Her”

Cape Town-born rapper Don Capo is set to capture the music scene with his latest single, “Need Her,” produced by the renowned CTT Beats.

Don Capo, known for his gritty, resonant voice and authentic Cape Flat roots, delivers a lyrical ode to a ‘baddie’ in his life who’s always down for whatever. “Need Her” showcases his unique blend of storytelling and rhymes, capturing the essence of his signature style by merging gritty lyrics with a smooth, compelling flow.

The production by CTT Beats adds a layer of polished professionalism, incorporating unique elements to create a sound that’s both fresh and familiar. Fans of Don Capo’s previous work will appreciate the mastery he brings to this new release. CTT Beats, influential in both the South African and UK music scenes, have produced chart-toppers like “Balotelli” and “Ole.” Their involvement in “Need Her” sets high expectations and guarantees a polished and engaging track.

In addition to the single, the music video for “Need Her,” shot across multiple dynamic locations, promises to be as engaging as the song itself. Don Capo’s charisma and the visually striking direction aim to capture the essence of the song’s narrative, enhancing its appeal.

Listen Here : https://open.spotify.com/track/3bTM

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