Plexus Solaire Unveils Exquisite French Charm with New Song “Day and Night”

Plexus Solaire Unveils Exquisite French Charm with New Song “Day and Night”

Austria’s French-speaking sensation, Plexus Solaire, is out with their latest creation, “Day and Night.” In a music landscape dominated by German and English-speaking acts, Plexus Solaire stands out as a unique and exotic musical journey that blends the beauty of the French language with Austrian artistry.

Quality is the cornerstone of Plexus Solaire’s musical philosophy—quality in songwriting, interpretation, stage presence, and studio production. Their latest album, “2123,” boasts ten sweet, charming, and melodic tracks that seamlessly penetrate the solar plexus, living up to the band’s carefully chosen name.

Plexus Solaire embraces the truism of music as a universal language that transcends borders and cultures. Whether in the vibrant atmosphere of Breton pubs, the lively ambiance of London pubs, the pulsating energy of Munich clubs, or the refined setting of Viennese high culture houses, Plexus Solaire’s music resonates with audiences who may initially find the lyrics foreign but intuitively connect with the rich contents and subtexts.

The band, consisting of Alexandre Fedorenko, Vincent Wohinz, and Jürgen Bauer (plus guest musicians), brings to life the fantasies and experiences of Vincent Wohinz and Alex Fedorenko, creating a harmonious fusion of their diverse backgrounds. Fedorenko, the globe-trotting French adventurer, shares anecdotes from his maritime adventures, while Wohinz, a studied philosopher from a bilingual family of artists, expresses his innermost thoughts through his profound lyrics.

With Jürgen Bauer on drums, the band’s rhythm takes on a structured and dynamic form. Bauer, also a Tyrolean artist and graphic designer, not only contributes to the musical foundation but also lends his artistic touch to the design of all Plexus Solaire releases.

Plexus Solaire’s chemistry, akin to the trace elements of good French red wine, now gets an added flavor with their debut on vinyl. Reinventing themselves while maintaining a core connection with their fans, the band collaborates with Max Perner, known for his work with Garish, Clara Luzia, and Thees Ulmann, to produce songs that explore new dimensions with the addition of a ukulele and playful whistling.

Vincent Wohinz’s vocals, the precision in their approach, the rhythmic brilliance of Jürgen Bauer’s drums, Alex Fedorenko’s expressive guitars, and Peter Strutzenberger’s bass create a sonic masterpiece that tells a compelling human story. While fresh and modern, Plexus Solaire’s music echoes influences from Sisters of Mercy and Jacques Brel to Noir Désir, Lou Reed, and Les Négresses Vertes. Amidst this, a “Happy Song” emerges, fittingly named and seamlessly finding its place in polyglot playlists.

This is adult pop at its finest, a call not just for digital streaming but for vinyl’s most cherished format. Songs like “Rendez-Vous Magique,” “Le Dernier Métro,” and the standout “Day and Night” epitomize intelligent, charming, and self-confident pop that invites listeners to let it work its magic.

Let Plexus Solaire’s “Day and Night” transport you into a world of intelligent and charming sounds, a testament to vinyl’s enduring allure in the digital streaming age.

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