New England’s Rising Stars Alyssa Jane & SV Unleash Genre-Defying Album “Neo Phily”

New England’s Rising Stars Alyssa Jane & SV Unleash Genre-Defying Album “Neo Phily”

Lyricist, singer, rapper Alyssa Jane and producer SV, two dynamic talents hailing from New England, join forces to deliver a powerhouse collaboration on their highly anticipated album, “Neo Phily.” Blending their diverse musical backgrounds, Alyssa Jane and SV craft an electrifying musical experience that defies genre conventions and pushes the boundaries of contemporary music.

The concept behind “Neo Phily” derives from the term “neophilia,” representing a love or enthusiasm for something new. With this album, Alyssa Jane and SV set out to create a fresh and innovative sound that resonates with audiences worldwide. Released on the legendary Jim’s Pool Room Records in St. Louis, MO, “Neo Phily” explores new sonic territories, ranging from Hip Hop and Alt-Pop to Trap, Alt-RnB, Chill, and Neo-soul.

Alyssa Jane brings her soulful vocals, lyrical mastery, and skillful rapping to the project, while SV spearheads the album’s production with his slick, vibrant, and hypnotic beats. Each track on “Neo Phily” is a journey into uncharted musical territory, showcasing Alyssa Jane’s distinctive voice and SV’s innovative production techniques.

Ahead of the album release, Alyssa Jane and SV teased fans with two singles that offer a glimpse into the sonic landscape of “Neo Phily.” “Trip On Me” infuses elements of hip-hop, trap, and 80s nostalgia, while “Down to Zero” explores emotive 90s-inspired sounds, blending Alt-RnB, Pop, and Hip Hop. The leading single, “Kerosene,” captivates listeners with its smoky, chilled AltRnB sonics, accompanied by sax, live bass, and guitar.

The album artwork for “Neo Phily” further encapsulates the sentiment of the record, showcasing different scenes throughout the seasons as a representation of the duo’s evolving music and commitment to innovation.

To celebrate the release of “Neo Phily,” Alyssa Jane and SV will be hosting a listening party at Jim’s Pool Room on April 17th. Vinyl copies of the album are also available for sale at, offering fans the opportunity to own a piece of this groundbreaking musical collaboration.

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