Miami-Based Band Miss Michigan Unveils Electrifying Single “Bang Ur Drummer”

Miami-Based Band Miss Michigan Unveils Electrifying Single “Bang Ur Drummer”

Renowned for their fierce and fashion-forward approach to punk and rock ‘n’ roll, Miss Michigan, led by former NYC rocker Gus Saenz, is making waves in the music world with their latest single, “Bang Ur Drummer.” This electrifying anthem, produced by triple Grammy-winning producer Warren Riker, is a searing glam-punk masterpiece that melds classic rock, blues, and punk with whimsical brute force.

Comprised of Gus Saenz on vocals, Eddie Farhat on guitar, Stephen Gibb on bass, and drummer Up Espiritusanto, Miss Michigan brings a raw and legendary blend of music to the forefront. “Bang Ur Drummer” showcases the band’s unapologetically raw rock ‘n’ roll style, carving out its own niche in the music scene and leaving audiences in awe with their transcendent live performances.

With influences ranging from classic rock to punk and beyond, Miss Michigan embraces tradition with a twisted, fearless, and humorous flair. Their music channels the energy of early White Stripes, the raw power of the Stooges, and the eclectic spirit of Prince’s legendary gatherings.

“Bang Ur Drummer” is just the latest example of Miss Michigan’s innovative approach to music, pushing boundaries and delivering unforgettable performances that defy convention. With their unique blend of fierce, funky, and fashion-forward punk and rock ‘n’ roll, Miss Michigan is poised to make a lasting impact on the music world.

Experience the electrifying sound of Miss Michigan’s latest single, “Bang Ur Drummer,” available now on all major streaming platforms.

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