Introducing “TRAUMA”: Amira’s Raw and Intense Anthem of Anger

Introducing “TRAUMA”: Amira’s Raw and Intense Anthem of Anger

Amira releases her highly anticipated single “TRAUMA”. Halfway between a breakup ballad and a powerful expression of frustration, “TRAUMA” embodies the raw emotions surrounding the end of a relationship.

With high-pitched vocal melodies intertwining with tight bars that explode with the artist’s passionate delivery, “TRAUMA” is described as a volcanic flow of honesty. The song’s fiery atmosphere, characterized by distorted guitars, acoustic drums, and a touch of Latin flair, captures listeners from the first note, drawing them into its intense narrative.

Written by Amira and produced in collaboration with False (Leon Faun, Will, Alpha), “TRAUMA” showcases the artist’s multifaceted talents as both a vocalist and a producer. Amira’s journey as an artist has been shaped by over a decade spent in the United States, where she immersed herself in multicultural influences that have deeply impacted her music.

In 2020, Amira received significant recognition from the Recording Academy for her contribution to the album “Ona” by Thana Alexa, which was nominated for “Best Jazz Vocal Album” at the 63rd Grammy Awards. Returning to Italy in 2021, she quickly gained attention on social media for her beat videos and freestyles, showcasing her prowess as a producer, singer, and rapper in multiple languages including Italian, English, and Spanish.

Amira represents the convergence of her American experiences with her Italian heritage, fusing elements of Italian singer-songwriter storytelling with international sounds such as hip-hop, house, and Latin rhythms. Empowered by a profound artistic and personal transformation, Amira is poised to enthrall audiences with her authentic musical expression.

“TRAUMA” follows the successful launch of Amira’s debut single “ACQUA CHETA” in March 2024, marking the second chapter in her dynamic musical journey. With its compelling blend of emotion and energy, “TRAUMA” promises to resonate deeply with listeners and solidify Amira’s position as a rising force in the music industry.


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