Cardi B on the Current Landscape of Hip-Hop: ‘It’s About Finding What You Want’

Cardi B on the Current Landscape of Hip-Hop: ‘It’s About Finding What You Want’

Cardi B has shared her perspective on the genre’s present state, highlighting a nuanced outlook amidst ongoing criticism.

In a recent conversation with the Hollywood Reporter, Cardi B addressed the prevalent discourse surrounding hip-hop in 2024, emphasizing her belief in its potential despite conflicting opinions. When prompted to reflect on the current state of the genre, she countered the narrative of pessimism, asserting, “People keep saying like, ‘Oh, the state of hip-hop is bad right now, blah, blah, blah.’ I don’t think it’s bad right now; I just feel like people just don’t know what they want.”

The Bronx native expressed her conviction that uncertainty prevails due to the overwhelming influence of social media, which she believes often dictates trends and perceptions. In Cardi’s view, individual authenticity should prevail over external judgments, as she advocated, “just keep doing you, fuck what people got to say.”

Cardi B’s perspective stands in contrast to some contemporaries who have openly criticized the current hip-hop landscape. While acknowledging differing viewpoints within the industry, Cardi’s stance underscores the importance of staying true to oneself amidst evolving trends and criticisms.

The multifaceted discourse surrounding hip-hop’s trajectory reflects a dynamic landscape shaped by diverse perspectives, where artists navigate between innovation and tradition, risk-taking and conformity.

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