Young Camel Drops New Single “Per colpa di una glock” 

Young Camel Drops New Single “Per colpa di una glock” 

Rising artist Young Camel is excited to announce the release of his new single, “Per colpa di una glock,” the first track from his latest project in collaboration with producer Ryak. This powerful track marks the beginning of a new artistic journey for both artists, focusing on the themes of artistic death and rebirth in the pursuit of their goals.

Per colpa di una glock” embodies the concept of a stylistic rebirth, using astral imagery inspired by Quasars to symbolize death and rebirth in our universe. The song features electronic and ambient sounds, with reverberated voices and electronic effects that transport listeners on a space journey.

I swear before I die, maybe because of a Glock, I’ll park a purple bull in the garage,” encapsulates much of the song’s meaning and the overarching project. This line reflects the intense drive to achieve all goals and material well-being, symbolized by the purple bull—a metaphor for a Lamborghini. However, it also highlights the potential risks and challenges that come with such an obsession.

Young Camel and Ryak’s collaboration brings a unique sound and vision to the music scene, blending deep thematic content with innovative electronic and ambient music. “Per colpa di una glock” sets the tone for what promises to be an evocative and thought-provoking project.


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