Ye Files Trademark for “YEWS” Amid Controversy

Ye Files Trademark for “YEWS” Amid Controversy

Ye, has recently submitted multiple trademark applications for the term “YEWS.” This development, consisting of 26 filings, was brought to light by trademark attorney Josh Gerben and was carried out through West’s company, Ox Paha Inc.

While the purpose of these trademark filings remains unclear, they cover an extensive range of categories and industries. If approved, the “YEWS” trademark could potentially be applied to areas such as education, advertising, banking services, music streaming, television, beauty care, food and beverages, gaming, clothing, footwear, cookware, alcoholic beverages, and more.

It is worth noting that these trademark applications emerge in the wake of controversial remarks made by Kanye West, including statements with anti-Semitic undertones, which garnered public attention in 2022.

As of now, the ultimate purpose and utilization of the “YEWS” trademark remain uncertain, leaving fans and industry observers intrigued about what ventures or projects Ye might have in store under this moniker.

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