William Pascal Unveils Epic Album “BARRE RARE VOL. 3”

William Pascal Unveils Epic Album “BARRE RARE VOL. 3”

Renowned artist William Pascal makes a return to the music scene with the release of his highly anticipated double album, “BARRE RARE VOL. 3 Building on the success of his previous independent release, Pascal’s latest project delves deep into the realms of heart and soul, continuing the saga with two distinct yet interconnected albums.

“Heart Gold” and “Soul Silver, “serve as a fusion of Pascal’s innermost emotions and artistic vision. “Heart Gold” embodies classic rap elements, featuring loops, breaks, and punchlines that pay homage to the genre’s roots. In contrast, “Soul Silver” focuses on melodies and dynamics, offering a more introspective and melodic listening experience.

The concept of old versus new permeates throughout the project, reflecting an alchemical contrast that aims to extract the best from every type of sound. Drawing inspiration from the fantasy universe, as depicted in the cover inspired by the Pokémon world, Pascal intertwines intimate emotions with mythical elements, creating a perpetual dualism reminiscent of the ancient concept of Yin and Yang.

Despite being opposites, “gold” and “silver” intertwine seamlessly, inviting listeners on an immersive journey of self-discovery and exploration. Both albums feature a diverse array of guests from the Italian underground rap scene, including Pacman XII, White Boy, Panz, Penny, Gentle T, ZZ, Rubber Soul, Depha Beat, James Logan, Clas K, Sicko Myers, and many more.

“BARRE RARE VOL. 3” is available for streaming on all major platforms and on cassette tape via William Pascal’s Bandcamp, in a limited edition produced in collaboration with Chicago artist Kurt Marks and Italian company Overdrive (Tape It Easy).

With this latest release, Pascal adds another jewel to his collection, reaffirming his position as a prolific artist with a relentless passion for music and creativity.

Listen Here: williampascal.bandcamp

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