Tiziano Bak Bacarani Releases New Single “Anche i grandi piangono”

Tiziano Bak Bacarani Releases New Single “Anche i grandi piangono”

Scandian rocker Tiziano Bak Bacarani is set to make waves with his latest single, “Anche i grandi piangono,” released just two months after his highly successful track “Solo il rock.” This new release marks the second single born from Bacarani’s collaboration with the prestigious record label PMS Studio and renowned producer Raffaele Montanari, heralding the upcoming release of a full-length album.

Tiziano Bak Bacarani, co-founder of the first band featuring Vinicio Capossela (The Hurricane), boasts an impressive solo career with five albums under his belt. His previous album, “Hola,” independently released, has garnered over one million streams on Spotify and two hundred thousand on Apple Music, and has been featured on more than 500 playlists worldwide.

“Anche i grandi piangono” is a rock song that blends typical Emilian melodies and sounds with a personal style reminiscent of classic American rock, infused with Tex Mex nuances. This introspective piece sees Bacarani reflecting on childhood experiences, the scraped knees and the oft-repeated phrase, “Alzati che i grandi non piangono!” (“Get up, grown-ups don’t cry!”). As he matured, he discovered that the struggles and pains of adulthood often lead to more tears than those of childhood.

Bacarani is the author and composer of both the lyrics and music for “Anche i grandi piangono.” In this track, he showcases his talents not only as a vocalist but also as an electric bass player, accompanied by Giorgio Contrastini on electric guitar and Enrico Montanaro on drums. The single was recorded at Fabio “Bronski” Ferraboschi’s Busker recording studio, with Ferraboschi, a former bassist of the band Rio, lending his expertise to the production.

Listen Here : https://open.spotify.com/track/45LQ0j

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