The Eighty Six Seas Shares Emotional Folktronica Single “Ghost in the Cityscape”

The Eighty Six Seas Shares Emotional Folktronica Single “Ghost in the Cityscape”

The Eighty Six Seas makes a poignant return to the music scene with their latest single, “Ghost in the Cityscape.” This emotional display of contemporary folktronica serves as the second release from their forthcoming debut album, “Scenes From An Art Heist.” Available on most streaming services, the track follows the success of its predecessor, “Lonely Afternoon.”

Recorded with collaborators David Knox, Chris Anthony, and Dave Anthony, “Ghost in the Cityscape” is a slow burner that showcases The Eighty Six Seas’ prowess in blending folk and electronica elements seamlessly. The recording process took place at The Record Co, with finishing touches executed in frontman Nick Stevens’ Brooklyn apartment.

Sonically reminiscent of Death Cab For Cutie’s “Transatlanticism,” the track features a distinctive flair and chord progression. Throughout the tune, Nick Stevens delivers calm, syrupy vocals that enhance the overall emotional depth of the composition.

Speaking about the inspiration behind “Ghost in the Cityscape,” Nick Stevens shares, “The title had been kicking around in my mind for about 10 years, rooted in the perpetual fear of running into someone who has caused pain or heartbreak. The song explores the uncomfortable feelings associated with the possibility of such an encounter, even in a city as vast as New York or Boston, where I lived at the time.”

Accompanying the release is a captivating music video featuring Nick Stevens pondering in what appears to be an empty apartment. The visual metaphor aligns with the track’s themes of isolation and loneliness, providing a compelling visual narrative to complement the sonic experience.

“Ghost in the Cityscape” is now available for streaming on various platforms, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the evocative soundscape crafted by The Eighty Six Seas.


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