Terry Jones and Dashius Clay Heat Up Summer with “They Call Me El Guapo”

Terry Jones and Dashius Clay Heat Up Summer with “They Call Me El Guapo”

Pittsburgh hip-hop artist Terry Jones has teamed up with Miami-based rapper Dashius Clay for the sizzling new single “They Call Me El Guapo”. This collaboration promises to be one of the hottest tracks of the summer, blending Jones’ fresh sound with Clay’s international flair.

Fresh off the success of his October 2022 debut album “Friday the 14th”, Jones brings his A-game to this new release. Dashius Clay, known for his Colombian roots and Miami style, adds a unique dimension to the track with his distinctive flow and Latin influences.

“They Call Me El Guapo” features production by Xyber Beats, who infuses the song with Latin flavors that perfectly complement the vocal stylings of both Jones and Clay. The result is a track that’s hotter than a Miami summer day.

This single serves as a tantalizing preview of Jones’ upcoming work, specifically the joint EP “Bebop Summer”, which is now available on all streaming platforms. The EP showcases the chemistry between Jones and Clay, promising more heat for hip-hop fans.

“They Call Me El Guapo” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Listen Here : open.spotify.com/track/3aefGNd

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