SZA Teases ‘SOS’ Deluxe Album Details and Unveils New Title at Brooklyn Event

SZA Teases ‘SOS’ Deluxe Album Details and Unveils New Title at Brooklyn Event

SZA has unveiled exciting details about the upcoming deluxe edition of her critically acclaimed 2022 album, “SOS.”

During her album celebration event at the Brooklyn Navy Yard in New York on Friday, September 8th, SZA thrilled her fans by announcing the impending release of a deluxe version of her groundbreaking sophomore album. This deluxe edition will feature an impressive selection of seven to ten brand-new tracks that promise to elevate the album’s appeal even further. In a fan-captured video from the event, SZA can be heard sharing the news, saying, “So the deluxe is like a whole ‘nother album, and it’s called ‘Lana.’ It’s seven to ten songs, and it’ll be out this fall.”

SZA, whose real name is Solána Rowe, took the opportunity to treat her fans to a memorable performance, showcasing unreleased tracks alongside fan favorites during the exclusive event in Brooklyn. To make the evening even more special, there was a surprise appearance by Ice Spice, as reported by People.

The event had an informal and spontaneous vibe, as SZA reportedly remarked, “Heads up, we don’t actually have a plan. We’re just playing some songs off the deluxe, and we’re just gonna play a couple of songs you already know. It was really just — I just wanted to do something for free that was a vibe ’cause I was here in town. Literally, there’s no other point to this whatsoever.”

“SOS” made a remarkable impact upon its release in December 2022, debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart and marking SZA’s first chart-topping achievement. The album’s success continued with over 400 million streams in the U.S. during its release week, making it the second-largest streaming week for a female artist and the third-largest of 2022 among all albums. Fans can now look forward to the deluxe edition, “Lana,” which is set to elevate SZA’s already impressive musical journey to new heights.

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