Synr Chase Drops Explosive Single “Schiaffo”

Synr Chase Drops Explosive Single “Schiaffo”

The Urban/Hip Hop collective Not Sober Crew is proud to announce the release of “Schiaffo,” the first single from their highly anticipated mixtape, “NEVER SOBER // ALWAYS REAL.” This powerful track features standout performances by Fvro and Synr Chase, capturing the raw energy and unfiltered emotion that defines the collective’s mission.

Not Sober Crew, an ensemble of eight dynamic artists, was born in the Florentine province with a vision to establish a definitive voice in the heart of Tuscany. Their debut single, “Schiaffo,” is a narrative of rebellion, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of making one’s voice heard.

“Schiaffo” dives deep into the toxic and dysfunctional relationship between the artist and their provincial surroundings. This metaphorical love story portrays the province as a deceptive and alluring woman—promising, enchanting, yet ultimately harmful. The track eloquently expresses the artists’ struggle against the limited opportunities of their environment, the clash between dreams of success and harsh realities, and the enduring hope of breaking free.

“Schiaffo” encapsulates the frustration of feeling trapped in a slow-moving province that stifles dreams and ambitions. It speaks to those who have chosen to escape sobriety to avoid confronting harsh realities, and to those who remain unwaveringly true to themselves despite the odds.

The Not Sober Crew collective is a beacon for anyone feeling oppressed by their environment, showcasing that it is possible to rise above and be heard. Their music is a rallying cry for those who believe in staying true to their passion and identity.

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