RICCO 007 Drops Debut Single “Standing On Business”

RICCO 007 Drops Debut Single “Standing On Business”

Emerging Boston-based artist RICCO 007, originally from Haiti, proudly announces the release of his debut single, “Standing On Business.” Drawing inspiration from hip-hop legends such as 50 Cent, Pezzy, J. Cole, EST Gee, Future, and 21 Savage, RICCO 007’s music embodies a blend of authentic hip-hop and the cutting-edge sounds of Drill music.

“Standing On Business” showcases RICCO 007’s exceptional wordplay, delivering extravagant vibes and unique flow switches that set him apart in the competitive music scene. This debut track marks a significant milestone for RICCO 007, highlighting his top-tier lyrical abilities and his talent for creating compelling and engaging music.

In addition to his prowess as a rapper, RICCO 007 is a versatile songwriter, crafting music for artists across various genres. His dedication to his craft is evident not only in his own releases but also in the success of the music he writes for others. RICCO 007’s commitment to his pen game and continuous improvement in his artistry positions him as a rising star with the potential to be remembered as one of the greats.

“Standing On Business” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

Listen Here :open.spotify.com/track/56KD8A

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