Recording Academy CEO Confirms AI-Generated Drake and The Weeknd Song Ineligible for GRAMMYs

Recording Academy CEO Confirms AI-Generated Drake and The Weeknd Song Ineligible for GRAMMYs

In a significant reversal of his earlier statement, Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. has clarified that the AI-generated track “Heart on My Sleeve,” featuring the voices of Drake and The Weeknd, will not be considered eligible for the GRAMMY Awards.

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Mason Jr. initially stirred controversy when he told the New York Times that, from a creative perspective, the song was “absolutely eligible because it was written by a human.” However, he has now taken to Instagram to set the record straight, emphasizing that “this version of ‘Heart on My Sleeve,’ using AI voice modeling that mimics Drake and The Weeknd, is not eligible for GRAMMY consideration.” He went on to provide further clarification, stating, “Let me be abundantly clear: despite being crafted by a human creator, the vocals were not legally acquired, were not cleared by the label or the artists, and the song is not commercially available. Consequently, it does not meet the eligibility criteria.”

Mason expressed his dedication to upholding the integrity of the music industry, saying, “I take these matters very seriously. The landscape is intricate and rapidly evolving, and I’m certain that further changes will be necessary. However, please do not misconstrue our intentions. The Recording Academy is committed to supporting, advocating for, protecting, and representing human artists and creators—period.”

This development sheds light on the evolving intersection of AI and music, prompting discussions about the boundaries of creativity, legality, and recognition within the industry. As technology continues to shape the musical landscape, the Recording Academy remains steadfast in its commitment to championing human artistry.

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