Ray Ramon and Spydaman Reunite for Electrifying Remix of “Move Your Body”

Ray Ramon and Spydaman Reunite for Electrifying Remix of “Move Your Body”

Introducing the electrifying collaboration between two old friends turned music maestros – Ray Ramon and Spydaman! From their high school days in Lagos, Ray Ramon and Spydaman have shared a passion for music that has stood the test of time. Now, in the present day, Ray Ramon’s latest release, “Move Your Body,” has soared to the coveted Number 1 spot on Nigeria’s Ray Power Network’s top ten countdown, igniting dance floors and playlists across the nation.

Building on this runaway success, Ray Ramon and Spydaman have joined forces once again to create something truly special. Drawing on their shared love for dancehall and afropop, they’ve crafted a remix that’s nothing short of epic.

Ray Ramon is a celebrated artist known for his innovative approach to music and his ability to craft tracks that resonate with audiences worldwide. With numerous hits to his name, Ray continues to push the boundaries of dancehall and afropop, creating music that is both fresh and timeless.

Spydaman is a dynamic artist whose energetic performances and unique style have earned him a loyal following. His collaboration with Ray Ramon on “Move Your Body” showcases his talent and versatility, adding a new dimension to this already chart-topping track.

Get ready to lose yourself in the rhythm, feel the energy surge through your veins, and let the music take control. “Move Your Body” is here to make you move, groove, and experience the magic of music like never before.

Listen Here : https://open.spotify.com/track/0aMR

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