Quavo Opens Up About Grief, Unfinished Songs with TakeOff, and His Anticipated Album ‘Rocket Power’

Quavo Opens Up About Grief, Unfinished Songs with TakeOff, and His Anticipated Album ‘Rocket Power’

In a candid and soul-baring interview, Quavo opens up about grief, loss, and the creative process behind his forthcoming solo album, “Rocket Power.” The rapper delves into the profound impact of losing his nephew and Migos bandmate, TakeOff (real name: Kirshnik Khari Ball), who tragically lost his life during a private party in Houston on November 1, 2022. The weight of grief is evident as Quavo shares his journey of healing and coping with the void left by his late nephew.

Grieving is a process that no one can ever be fully prepared for, and Quavo’s emotional journey is a testament to the complexity of dealing with loss. In the interview, he admits to thinking about TakeOff constantly, and the pain of the loss sometimes leads him to tears even as he tries to sleep. The sudden absence of his bandmate and collaborator has turned his world upside down, affecting every aspect of his life, from day-to-day activities to the creative process in the studio.

Quavo’s creative process typically involved cutting the hook and verse of a song and sharing it with his bandmates, seeking their input and collaboration. However, with TakeOff no longer present, Quavo finds himself seeking a connection with his late nephew in a different way. He turns to nature, trying to hear his spirit through the earth, using the emotional fuel and inspiration he gains from above, and channels it into his music, giving rise to the aptly titled album “Rocket Power.”

Set to release on August 4, “Rocket Power” serves as a powerful outlet for Quavo to express the gamut of emotions he has been bottling up since the tragic loss. The album reflects his pain, hardships, and the coping mechanism he found in music during this difficult period.

During the interview, Quavo highlights “11.11” as his favorite song on the album, a date that holds special significance, capturing the moment he hit record and embarked on his creative journey. The album carries the residual energy of his fallen band member, a reminder of the connection and artistic bond they shared.

The interview also touches on the plethora of unfinished music that Quavo and TakeOff had worked on together. Quavo reveals that there are around 150 songs on one of his phones alone, with TakeOff having three phones filled with unreleased music. The depth of their collaboration and the wealth of unreleased material exemplifies the creative partnership they had.

As Quavo prepares to unveil “Rocket Power” to the world, he emphasizes that the album is not only for their devoted fans but also serves as his therapy—an honest reflection of his emotions and state of mind.

The forthcoming solo project from Quavo promises to be an emotional and compelling exploration of his journey through grief, love, and creativity. Fans eagerly anticipate the album’s release as they witness the rapper’s artistic evolution and resilience through trying times.

To get a glimpse of Quavo’s heartfelt interview, watch the video below, and stay tuned for Part 2, set to be released soon.

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