Paul Robert Releases Empowering Single “Change Your Mind” Featuring BlxckAce and Dani L. Dubois

Paul Robert Releases Empowering Single “Change Your Mind” Featuring BlxckAce and Dani L. Dubois

Emerging recording artist Paul Robert is set to make waves with his latest single, “Change Your Mind,” a dynamic collaboration featuring fellow Colorado artists BlxckAce and Dani L. Dubois. This release serves as a precursor to Paul’s highly anticipated debut project, “110,” scheduled for an early 2024 launch.

“Change Your Mind” is an anthem about self-belief, empowerment, and personal transformation. Through vibrant melodies and impactful lyrics, the track encourages listeners to challenge old beliefs, make positive decisions, and strive for personal growth. The collaboration between Paul Robert, BlxckAce, and Dani L. Dubois brings a fusion of diverse styles and perspectives to create a powerful sonic experience.

To complement the release, the official music video for “Change Your Mind” is now available on YouTube, providing a visual journey that enhances the song’s message and energy.

Originally from California and now based in Colorado, Paul Robert embarked on his musical journey with the creation of his debut album, “110,” slated for release in early 2024. Drawing influences from hip-hop, pop, and electronic dance music, the album reflects Paul’s commitment to giving his all, symbolized by the title “110.” The project explores optimistic themes, covering topics such as self-belief, taking action, love, heartache, and the impact of technology.

Paul Robert thrives on the collaborative aspects of music creation and cherishes the entire creative process from inception to completion. As he prepares to unveil “110,” audiences can expect a collection of tracks that not only entertain but also inspire and resonate with the diverse experiences of listeners. With “Change Your Mind,” Paul Robert sets the stage for a promising musical journey ahead.

Be sure to check out the official music video for “Change Your Mind” on YouTube and stay tuned for the release of Paul Robert’s debut project, “110,” coming soon.

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