Numb Unveils Heartfelt New Single “Fatti d’aria”

Numb Unveils Heartfelt New Single “Fatti d’aria”

Rising artist Numb has just released his latest single titled “Fatti d’aria,” a poignant musical narrative woven with threads of love and longing.

“Fatti d’aria” emerges as a heartfelt ode to love, delicately suspended in a realm of tenderness. Numb’s evocative storytelling paints a vivid picture of a relationship entwined with memories of the past, anchored amidst the struggles of familiarity.

In his own words, Numb shares, “There is nothing else left except to make a choice, if you turn off the space is also about to lose a star.” Through “Fatti d’aria,” Numb delves into the complexities of a relationship that has come to an end, yet lingers in the realm of memory, unable to detach from the moments of sweet lightness shared with a significant other.


Navigating communication becomes arduous, and accepting the shadowed reality of a fading relationship proves even more challenging. With delicate lyricism and romanticism, Numb paints a vivid portrait of this emotional dimension, accompanied by fresh and chill sounds that underscore the tender narrative.

“”…Aria, tu sei nell’aria, tu sei dentro di me/fuori di me” (…Air, you are in the air, you are inside me/outside me,)” echoes throughout the song, encapsulating the lingering presence of a person even after they depart. Until the decision to part ways becomes definitive, that person remains perceptibly present, lingering in the air.

“Fatti d’aria” stands as a testament to Numb’s ability to craft deeply resonant musical experiences that speak to the intricacies of the human heart. Through this enchanting single, Numb invites listeners to embark on an emotional journey filled with introspection, nostalgia, and the enduring power of love.

Experience the heartfelt melodies of “Fatti d’aria” now available on all major streaming platforms.



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