Nick Morrison Is Uniting Cultures Through His Music: Listen To “Mountain Goat”

Nick Morrison Is Uniting Cultures Through His Music: Listen To “Mountain Goat”

Versatile French-American guitarist, Nick Morrison is set to entertain audiences with his unique blend of West-African string music and American folk influences. With an impressive musical journey spanning over a decade, Morrison’s upcoming release promises to be a testament to his passion and talent.

Morrison’s musical odyssey began with his early recordings, including “My Poor Kingdom” in 2012, where his love for West-African string music became evident. His experiences jamming backstage with the legendary Tinariwen and immersing himself in the vibrant musical landscape of Sénégal further fueled his creative pursuits.

In collaboration with his wife Maike Novák, Morrison released two vibrant ‘global-folk’ EPs under the moniker Pallet of Leaves, showcasing his ability to blend diverse cultural influences into his music seamlessly. Over the years, Morrison’s musical prowess has been recognized through his collaborations with bands like Charity Children and Soul Thrivers, as well as his contributions as a sideman on numerous records.

Through his association with the Polyversal Souls and the esteemed Philophon label, Morrison had the privilege of sharing the stage with icons of African music such as Alemayehu Eshete, Stella Chiweshe, and Lee Dodou, further enriching his musical journey.

With his latest release, “Mountain Goat,” Morrison showcases his evolution as a musician and bandleader. Backed by Ekowmania & the Rhythmers, an afro-highlife band led by the Ghanaian drumming legend Ekow Alabi Savage, Morrison’s music transcends boundaries and celebrates the rich tapestry of cultural influences that have shaped his sound.

“Mountain Goat” promises to be a compelling fusion of Morrison’s Kora-influenced guitar style, American folk melodies, and the infectious rhythms of West-African music.

Nick Morrison’s dedication to uniting cultures through music is evident in every note he plays.

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