Moonchild Sanelly Acknowledges Kabza De Small as the God of Amapiano

Moonchild Sanelly Acknowledges Kabza De Small as the God of Amapiano

In the ever-evolving world of music, artists and fans alike engage in spirited discussions about their favorite genres and artists. Recently, Moonchild Sanelly, the dance music artiste, made waves on social media when she shared her views on Amapiano albums, expressing her disappointment with many of them.

On Monday, Moonchild took to Twitter to voice her concerns, stating that most Amapiano albums as full bodies of work fail to maintain the impact of their singles. She questioned why some albums seemed to sound like one long song and admitted feeling disheartened as a writer by such compilations. However, she clarified that her criticism was not aimed at all Amapiano artists, acknowledging that there were exceptions.

In response to Moonchild’s tweets, radio presenter Sizwe Dhlomo jumped in to defend the Amapiano genre, particularly praising Kabza De Small’s KOA II album as a masterpiece. Moonchild agreed with Sizwe’s assertion, but she made a significant distinction by crowning Kabza De Small as the god of Amapiano.

“Definitely not him. He’s the GOD, hence I said ‘most’,” she affirmed, highlighting Kabza De Small’s exceptional talent and influence in the Amapiano world.

Moonchild further engaged in a thoughtful discussion about what constitutes a successful body of work within the same genre. She drew attention to the importance of maintaining diversity and individuality in each song while still adhering to the genre’s characteristics. Drawing parallels to Lira’s successful comeback album, she emphasized the significance of distinct sounds and unique compositions.

As with any online discourse, Moonchild faced some criticism from certain individuals who disagreed with her views. However, it’s essential to remember that such conversations are an integral part of the music community, encouraging artists and fans to share their perspectives and appreciate the diversity within the industry.

Ultimately, Moonchild Sanelly’s acknowledgment of Kabza De Small’s god-like status in the Amapiano world showcases the impact and artistry of the genre’s most talented artists. Amapiano continues to captivate audiences globally, and with passionate voices like Moonchild’s, the genre is sure to evolve and thrive, pushing the boundaries of creativity and musical innovation. As fans, let’s celebrate the diverse opinions that enrich our music experiences and appreciate the artists who continuously elevate the art form.

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