Meté Drops High-Energy Single “Pocket got Picked”

Meté Drops High-Energy Single “Pocket got Picked”

Emerging UK-based artist Meté has released his latest track, “Pocket got Picked,” showcasing his versatile style that blends English rap with Turkish influences. The single demonstrates Meté’s ability to adapt to any beat that resonates with his unique musical vision.

“Pocket got Picked” kicks off with a lively, hoppy instrumentation that immediately sets an engaging tone. As the track progresses, Meté’s rap intensifies, perfectly complementing the energetic beats and creating a dynamic listening experience.

Throughout the song, Meté delivers a consistently high-quality performance, maintaining the track’s energy from start to finish. His flow adapts seamlessly to the beat’s nuances, highlighting his skill as a rapper.

While Meté primarily raps in English, his music often carries subtle nods to his Turkish background, creating a unique sound that sets him apart in the UK rap scene. “Pocket got Picked” serves as a strong example of this distinctive style.

“Pocket got Picked” is now available on all major streaming platforms.

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