Lori Lanez Shares New Single “My Story” from EP “Make Dem Know”

Lori Lanez Shares New Single “My Story” from EP “Make Dem Know”

Burgeoning artist Lori Lanez has just unveiled her latest single, “My Story,” from her highly anticipated EP titled “Make Dem Know.” The song showcases Lori Lanez’s exceptional talent and marks a significant milestone in her burgeoning music career.

“My Story” is a testament to Lori Lanez’s artistic prowess, with commendable production that boasts dynamic beats and melodies. Her delivery and flow on the song are nothing short of effortless, demonstrating her versatility and skill as a performer. From start to finish, “My Story” exudes energy and infectiousness that is sure to resonate with listeners worldwide.

With its danceable rhythm and infectious groove, “My Story” incorporates elements of amapiano, infusing the song with a unique and irresistible vibe. Lori Lanez’s vocals soar over the dynamic production, entertatining audiences and leaving them eager for more.

Lori wanted to create something that would not only showcase her artistry but also bring joy and energy to listeners and ‘My Story’ embodies those elements.

“My Story” is an invitation to immerse yourself in Lori Lanez’s world and join her on a musical journey like no other. With its infectious groove and undeniable charm, “My Story” is poised to become a favorite on playlists everywhere.

“Make Dem Know” is out everywhere, stream the Ep and give “My Story” a listen as well!

Listen Here: https://open.spotify.com/album/5T

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