Jennifer Lopez Unveils “This Is Me… Now” Album Inspired by Ben Affleck Marriage

Jennifer Lopez Unveils “This Is Me… Now” Album Inspired by Ben Affleck Marriage

Jennifer Lopez is taking her fans on a nostalgic journey with her newly announced album, “This Is Me… Now,” inspired by her current marriage to Ben Affleck. The album serves as a sequel to her 2002 release, “This Is Me… Then,” which coincided with her initial engagement to Affleck.

In a captivating trailer labeled “A musical experience,” Lopez teases the upcoming album with a prominent display of the color green, her self-proclaimed “lucky” color. The footage features scenes of Lopez dancing in the rain, walking down the wedding aisle, and in a factory, creating anticipation for the unique musical journey she promises to deliver. Another promotional video showcases Lopez recreating the iconic “This Is Me… Then” album cover before transitioning to the new era, presumably reflecting the album’s artwork. The singer’s previous album was “A.K.A.,” released in 2014.

Accompanying the album announcement is the revealed tracklist, notably featuring a song titled “Dear Ben Pt. II,” a sequel to the original “Dear Ben.” In celebration of their first wedding anniversary, Lopez shared lyrics to “Dear Ben Pt. II” on Instagram, accompanied by pictures from their wedding in Georgia.

The couple’s romantic journey dates back to 2002 when they began dating while filming “Gigli.” Despite their subsequent split in 2004, Lopez went on to marry Marc Anthony, and Affleck married Jennifer Garner. However, Lopez and Affleck rekindled their romance, capturing the public’s attention once again.

Reflecting on the significance of “This Is Me… Then,” Lopez expressed in a 2022 interview with Apple Music 1’s Zane Lowe, “That album really captured a moment in time where I fell in love with the love of my life. It’s all right there on the record. I didn’t even realize what was happening and what I was doing.”

With “This Is Me… Now” set to release in 2024, fans eagerly await the continuation of Lopez’s musical narrative, capturing the essence of her enduring love story with Ben Affleck.

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