Into the Outside Box Unveils Enchanting New Single “Búho”

Into the Outside Box Unveils Enchanting New Single “Búho”

Into the Outside Box, renowned for their distinctive fusion of jazz and Latin-infused rhythms, has returned with their latest sonic offering, “Búho.”

Hailing from Tucson, Arizona, Into the Outside Box, led by the talented songwriter Claudette Visco, has swiftly amassed a devoted fanbase with their eclectic and offbeat musical style. Their unique blend of Latin beats and jazz elements has earned them accolades in prestigious platforms such as Music For All and Indie Network’s NYE 2022 Radio Show, among others. Now, with the release of “Búho,” Into the Outside Box continues to push the boundaries of musical innovation and creativity.

Crafted in collaboration with Sergio Mendoza of Orkesta Mendoza, “Búho” was brought to life through remote recording sessions in both Oakland and Tucson. The track transcends traditional boundaries, offering listeners an immersive journey through space, passion, and intrigue. With its intricate blend of accordion, piano, bongos, synths, and chimes, “Búho” exemplifies Into the Outside Box’s ability to create captivating sonic experiences that defy categorization.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Claudette Visco shares, “Búho is a rhythmic trip through space, passion, and intrigue. It’s the little intuitive owl bouncing around on our shoulders, opening us up to something different and unknown.”

Claudette Visco’s visionary artistry extends far beyond conventional boundaries. Her songwriting prowess and captivating performances challenge the norms of contemporary music, captivating audiences and critics alike. With a pioneering spirit, Claudette continues to redefine the landscape of modern music, establishing herself as a leading figure in the industry.

Into the Outside Box serves as a beacon for a new era in sound, pushing the boundaries of conventional thinking and inviting listeners to explore fresh perspectives on everyday life. Whether lost in the woods, gazing at distant castles, or communing with spirits, the enchanting melodies of ITOB and Claudette’s hauntingly beautiful voice resonate with a part of our souls that yearns for exploration.

Experience the mesmerizing sounds of “Búho” now available on all major streaming platforms.



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