Halle Bailey Addresses Nail Salon Controversy: ‘Y’all, It’s Not That Serious’

Halle Bailey Addresses Nail Salon Controversy: ‘Y’all, It’s Not That Serious’

Halle Bailey is breaking her silence following a viral incident at a Los Angeles nail salon that sparked accusations of racism. The controversy unfolded after Halle’s boyfriend, DDG, tweeted about the salon’s alleged discriminatory behavior, leading to a flurry of one-star reviews on Yelp.

In a now-deleted tweet, DDG claimed the salon was “racist towards black people” and urged followers to give them a one-star rating. Halle took to Snapchat to share her side of the story, emphasizing that the issue had been blown out of proportion.

According to Halle, she initially found the salon to be “amazing” and had recommended it to others. She had scheduled an appointment for herself and her sister Chloe, informing the salon that Chloe might be a bit late due to her schedule. Despite assurances that it was fine, Chloe’s appointment was unexpectedly canceled upon Halle’s arrival.

This led to a confrontation between Halle and the salon owner, resulting in Halle deciding to take her business elsewhere. In response to the incident, fraudulent one-star reviews flooded the salon’s Yelp page.

An undated video of the salon owner expressing fear about the aftermath circulated online. In tears, she mentioned receiving numerous messages and calls, expressing concern about the impact on her business.

Halle later addressed the situation on Instagram, urging people to calm down and emphasizing that she did not name the salon in her Snapchat explanation. However, her comment seemed to escalate tensions, prompting the salon owner to share Halle’s post on her Instagram Stories. The owner lamented the impact on her small business, emphasizing the years of hard work that had gone into building it.

As of now, it remains unclear whether Halle and the salon owner have communicated or if any resolution is in sight amidst the backlash and alleged threats.

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