Hajii Unveils Sun-Soaked Single “Moxie” as Lead Track for Debut EP

Hajii Unveils Sun-Soaked Single “Moxie” as Lead Track for Debut EP

Emerging artist Hajii is thrilled to announce the release of “Moxie,” the lead single from his much-anticipated debut EP. This sun-soaked serenade, with its vibrant production and dynamic vocals, sets the perfect mood for summertime, blending elements of modern love songs with a touch of bite.

Produced by the elite talent Ashton McCreight (known for his work with Che Ecru), “Moxie” features Hajii’s flowery and engaging vocals, making it an ideal track for everything from breakfast in bed to a picnic at the beach. Influences from artists like Babyxsosa, Matt OX, and Pi’erre Bourne can be heard throughout the song, adding a unique twist to Hajii’s sound.

Moxie” opens with Hajii’s clear and compelling vocals, setting the tone for the entire song. The beats blend seamlessly to create a strong, cohesive sound, perfectly complementing Hajii’s unique voice. The performance throughout is stellar, with Hajii hitting all the right notes and delivering an engaging and memorable listening experience.

Listen Here:open.spotify.com/track/7CE3

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