Drake Shares Cryptic Nav Lyric Amid Instagram Unfollow Saga

Drake Shares Cryptic Nav Lyric Amid Instagram Unfollow Saga

The dynamics between Drake and Nav seem to have taken a curious turn, as the XO artist recently hit the unfollow button on the OVO heavyweight’s Instagram account.

In response to the social media move, Drake posted a seemingly pointed message on Sunday morning, quoting a line from Nav’s 2020 track “Turks.”

“I ain’t picking up I’m in Turks lil baby,” Drake captioned his latest IG post.

Speculation is rife among fans about the reason behind Nav’s decision to unfollow Drake, with some linking it to the latter’s recent rift with Metro Boomin. It’s suggested that Nav may be siding with Metro, considering their past collaboration on the 2017 album Perfect Timing.

However, it’s worth noting that Nav and Drake have previously shared a positive relationship. In 2019, Nav publicly praised Drake for his role in elevating Toronto’s music scene, acknowledging him as a trailblazer who “kicked down the door” for artists from the city.

Yet, even within a seemingly harmonious bond, there have been moments of disagreement. In 2022, Nav explained his decision to omit a Drake collaboration from his album Demons Protected By Angels, citing timing issues and a desire for quality over quantity in their musical partnership.

Despite the Instagram unfollow drama, the nature of Nav and Drake’s relationship remains multifaceted, leaving fans intrigued about their future interactions.

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