Double Triangle Unveils New Single “Spells” 

Double Triangle Unveils New Single “Spells” 

Double Triangle proudly announces the release of their latest single, “Spells.” This space disco-inspired, synth-wave track showcases Double Triangle’s unique ability to blend nostalgic melodies with contemporary sounds, creating a mesmerising listening experience.

Double Triangle’s journey into music is as eclectic as his influences. Growing up in Harlow, Essex, a sister New Town to Basildon, he was heavily influenced by Vince Clarke and Depeche Mode. His early love for music was further nurtured by his grandfather, a plumber to stars such as Dave Gilmour, Cliff Richard, and Kate Bush. Exposed to a variety of genres from Tomita to Gary Numan to Debussy, Double Triangle’s passion for music was solidified at a young age.

Starting piano at eight, Double Triangle’s penchant for dark chords and contemporary chart music quickly set him apart. Despite his early dismissal from formal piano lessons, he continued to cultivate his skills, producing music on a 4-track, drum machine, and synth from the age of nine. His creative journey included stints as a work experience tea boy at Ninja Tune and Hydrogen Dukebox, where he encountered music industry legends and humorous mishaps alike.

An accomplished designer, Double Triangle studied at the same university as Alison Goldfrapp and initially designed flyers for nightclubs in Essex before landing a role at the BBC. His design career has seen him contribute to the UK’s NHS Covid response campaign, with his work even being presented by Boris Johnson.

Now, determined to pursue his true passion for music, Double Triangle has embraced a more tactile approach to music production with the acquisition of a Maschine. His latest single, “Spells,” shows his ability to create melody-led instrumental music that is perfect for working, studying, or simply escaping.

“Spells” is characterized by its steady rhythm, creative vocal harmonies, and an array of intriguing sounds that keep listeners engaged. The track blends space disco and nostalgic synth-wave elements with a modern twist, making it a standout addition to any playlist.


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