Doja Cat Takes a Break from Instagram Due to Negative Messages

Doja Cat Takes a Break from Instagram Due to Negative Messages

In a recent Instagram comment, Doja Cat shared with her followers that she has decided to deactivate her account temporarily due to receiving negative messages that have affected her mental well-being.

Expressing her reasons for leaving the platform, the singer explained that while she enjoys finding inspiration and witnessing creativity on Instagram, she has been troubled by some of the comments and treatment she has encountered. Feeling overwhelmed, she expressed a need to step away from the negativity for her own peace of mind.

“Hey, I’m gonna deactivate because I’m not really feeling this anymore,” she wrote in the comment. “You guys take care of yourselves. I like coming here to find inspo and see people being creative but I just feel like this is getting to be too much. The way I’m spoken to on here and treated makes me have fucked up thoughts. Please watch how you talk to and about people on the internet. Bye.”

Following her message, Doja Cat promptly deactivated her account, which boasted over 24 million followers, in a bid to prioritize her mental health.

This isn’t the first time the 28-year-old artist has faced challenges on Instagram. Last summer, she experienced a significant loss of followers after engaging in a disagreement with some fans. During the incident, she expressed frustration with fans adopting certain names, leading to the shutdown of several fan pages.

As Doja Cat takes a break from Instagram, her fans await her return and hope for her well-being.

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