Doja Cat Faces Backlash and Loses Followers Amid Fan Name Controversy

Doja Cat Faces Backlash and Loses Followers Amid Fan Name Controversy

Grammy-winning artist Doja Cat finds herself in the midst of a social media storm as she faces significant backlash from her fans, also known as ‘kittenz,’ after making controversial remarks about their fan name on her Threads account. Over the weekend, the singer branded her fans as “crazy,” triggering a wave of unfollows on her Instagram account.

The aftermath of her comments has been evident, with Doja Cat losing over 230,000 followers on Instagram in the past few days, according to Hype Auditor. The 27-year-old artist’s behavior has come under scrutiny, particularly her degrading remarks about fans’ devotion and her perceived lack of appreciation for their support.

Three of Doja Cat’s fan pages, The Kittens Room, Doja HQ, and Doja Cat News, have deactivated their Twitter accounts after the singer’s dismissive response to the use of the fan name. In now-deleted tweets, she told fans to “get a life, get a job, and help your parents with the house,” leaving her fans feeling hurt and betrayed.

This isn’t the first time Doja Cat has faced controversy on social media. Back in April, she divided opinions by expressing her disapproval of the new Twitter Blue scheme, which allows users to pay for verification with the famous blue tick. Her candid and often controversial statements have polarized fans and followers.

The recent fan name debacle comes ahead of her highly anticipated 24-date ‘Scarlet’ tour, her first-ever headlining arena tour. Despite the controversy, Doja Cat is set to perform all around North America with Ice Spice and Doechii as support acts, starting on Halloween night at the Chase Center in San Francisco.

Doja Cat’s upcoming album has also been a topic of discussion. Previously known as ‘Hellmouth,’ she has now revealed that the “rap only” album will be titled ‘First Of All.’ In May, she referred to her previous albums as “cash-grabs,” which further fueled the debates about her artistic integrity and relationship with her fans.

As the situation unfolds, it remains to be seen how Doja Cat will address the controversy and mend her relationship with her fans. In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, artists must navigate with caution, recognizing the impact their words can have on their followers’ feelings and perceptions.

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