Do$ Du Muni Drops New Street Anthem “Nuthin’ Less” 

Do$ Du Muni Drops New Street Anthem “Nuthin’ Less” 

Longtime New Jersey rap figure DO$ Du Muni is back with a bang, releasing the brand new street anthem “Nuthin’ Less” alongside HBK (Doughboyz Cashout) and Jimmy Waters. With a career spanning over a decade, DO$ Du Muni continues to solidify his status as a versatile artist and representative of New Jersey rap music.

Formerly known as “Mon’wel,” DO$ Du Muni has been making waves in the rap scene since the late 2000s. Since adopting his current stage name in 2013, he has consistently delivered compelling music that covers a wide range of themes, from conscious topics to raw street life and politics. As the founder of Pass N’ Fly Records, DO$ has collaborated with a diverse array of artists, including Shotgun Suge, Voochie P (TSF), Heem (BSF), Geechi Gotti, and more.

“Nuthin’ Less” sees DO$ teaming up with HBK, a Detroit rap legend known for his work with Doughboyz Cashout, and Jimmy Waters, a rising star from the Los Angeles area. The track serves as a “Hustler’s Anthem,” offering bold testament to street-level war stories while conveying themes of triumph, perseverance, and survival. Each artist brings their own unique approach to the bouncy and melodic yet hard-hitting production by Fuelz.

DO$ Du Muni has big plans for the future, with more singles slated for release throughout the summer of 2024. Additionally, fans can anticipate the arrival of his fifteenth solo project, “Winner’s Remorse,” scheduled for release in September 2024.

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