DJ Lewis Unveils Electrifying Single “Stay With Me” After the Success of “Talk Less”

DJ Lewis Unveils Electrifying Single “Stay With Me” After the Success of “Talk Less”

Following the success of “Talk Less” featuring Octavian, which boasts an impressive 400,000 listens on Spotify, multi-instrumentalist composer DJ Lewis returns with his latest creation, “Stay With Me.” This powerful electro-pop track, adorned with drum’n’bass accents, showcases Lewis’s musical prowess and ability to seamlessly blend various elements into a rich and nuanced sonic experience.

“Stay With Me” features guitar punctuations, haunting filtered voice samples, and deep layers of bass, all interwoven with a distinctive UK groove. The track is a testament to DJ Lewis’s skill in crafting compositions that push the boundaries of genre, offering a unique and captivating sound.

Adding to the allure of “Stay With Me,” Londoner Brandz, renowned for his hit “Blessing” with nearly 60 million plays on Spotify and a monthly listenership of 1 million, collaborates on the track. Brandz brings a touch of R’n’B with his languorous voice and poignant melodies, elevating the song to new heights.

“Stay With Me” is a harmonious blend of airy and catchy elements, extending an invitation to let go and dream. It encapsulates both introspection and union, offering a multifaceted listening experience that resonates with a wide audience.

As DJ Lewis continues to push creative boundaries, “Stay With Me” stands as a testament to his commitment to delivering music that transcends expectations and genres. The track is now available on all streaming platforms, stream

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