Charles X Unveils Mesmerizing Official Video for Latest Single “FILA”

Charles X Unveils Mesmerizing Official Video for Latest Single “FILA”

Los Angeles-based artist Charles X has once again mesmerised the music world by releasing the official video for his latest single, “FILA.” Known for his eclectic blend of influences, ranging from Michael Jackson to Andre 3000, Charles X continues to inject a fresh and invigorating sound into the industry.



Charles X’s musical journey began early in his life. Describing himself as a misfit, he found solace in music at the tender age of 12. The absence of a father figure and frequent relocations due to his mother’s military career presented numerous challenges. Still, these hardships only fueled his passion for music, transforming his struggles into a powerful creative outlet.

The video for “FILA” is a testament to Charles X’s artistic vision. Seamlessly blending the soulful introspection of Frank Ocean with the vibrant energy of Michael Jackson, the video provides both a visual and auditory feast. His ability to mix crooner vocals with rhythmic flow is on full display, earning him critical acclaim and comparisons to some of the industry’s greats.

Charles X’s dedication to his craft and his ability to innovate within the music industry have solidified his place as a standout artist. With “FILA,” he continues to push boundaries and inspire listeners around the globe.

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