Cardi B Threatens Legal Action Against BIA, Accuses Her of Spreading Cheating Rumors

Cardi B Threatens Legal Action Against BIA, Accuses Her of Spreading Cheating Rumors

The tension between Cardi B and BIA is reaching a boiling point. Following Cardi’s remix of GloRilla’s “Wanna Be,” which contains lyrics seemingly aimed at BIA, the situation has escalated to potential legal action.

In a fiery Instagram Live session, Cardi alleges that BIA accused her of “copying” her, initially pointing out similarities between the beats of BIA’s “I’m That Bitch” and Cardi’s “Like What (Freestyle),” both sampling the same Missy Elliott song, “She’s a Bitch.” Cardi also claims BIA copied her again with similarities between BIA’s “Fall Back” and Cardi’s “Enough.” Cardi asserts that she recorded her song years ago but held off on releasing it, and she had no previous issues with BIA until “Like What” was released.

The situation takes a more serious turn as Cardi alleges that a mutual friend of hers and Offset claimed BIA had a sex tape of Cardi with another man, threatening to release it if Cardi responded to the song. Cardi investigated the claim and spoke to a producer who alleged that BIA was the source. This led to Cardi’s remix of “Wanna Be” containing pointed lyrics aimed at BIA.

Cardi rapped, “Though she was on the shelf, IKEA/ Hope she talk like that when I see her/ B— please, don’t nobody wanna be ya [Bia].” Additionally, Cardi shared a snippet of a diss track allegedly by BIA, where she mentions Cardi’s reported infidelity.

Cardi declared, “When you lie about my p***y, I’ma sue you and you better come with receipts.” She also alleges that BIA referenced blogger Tasha K, whom Cardi sued for defamation, in a post on her alternate Instagram account.

BIA swiftly responded by playing the full diss track on her Instagram Live, further intensifying the accusations against Cardi’s fidelity.

As of now, Cardi has not directly addressed BIA’s Live but has interacted with tweets regarding the situation, indicating that BIA may have “lost” in this feud.


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